BLOOKE Bike Seat Post Alumium Alloy Adjustable 25.4/27.2 x 400mm

  • 27.2*400mm
  • 25.4*400mm

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  • Bike Seat Post


    Name Bike Seat Post
    Color Black
    Material Aluminum alloy
    Length 400mm(15.7inch)
    Thickness 2.5mm(0.1inch)
    Seat Post Diameter 25.4/27.2mm(1/1.07inch)
    Package Include: Bike Seat post x 1
    Bike Seat Post

    Bike Seat Post



    bike seat post

    Precision scale

    The scale of the seat post is precise and clear,and it is easy to adjust to the height that suits you.


    Micro adjustable clamp-You can adjust the tilt angle of the saddle via the clamp to make the saddle achieve the best riding comfort.

    Exquisite craftsmanship and materials

    The frosted surface is anodized and will never rust.(NOTE:2 kinds of saddle chucks, pay attention to selection)

    Flexible angle change

    Adjust the front and rear screws, according to your own requirements, change the angle of the seat cushion to get better riding comfort



    There is a safety line mark on the seat post. Please insert at least above the minimum safety line when installing the new seatpost.Please do measure and confirm the exact post diameter that you need for your bike. Otherwise you may find it too small or too large for your bike frame seat post hole, then you'll have to spend more time to return it. Thank you for your support.

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