2-Pack Raider Fat Bike Tires 20"×4" / 26"×4"

  • 20"×4"
  • 26"×4"
  • 20 PSI
  • 30 TPI
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Model: Raider 8003
Size(in.): 20×4.0 / 26×4.0
ETRTO: 102-406 / 100-559
Tire Type: Clincher
Weight( kg. ): 1.08 / 1.26
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Hycline Kevlar Fat Bike Tire 20x4.0 / 26x4.0 inch

Our Hycline fat bike tires come in sizes 20x4.0 inches or 26x4.0 inches, with a maximum PSI of 20 and TPI of 30.

The package includes two wide rubber fat tires that are tough, have low rolling resistance, and are resistant to wear. The superior tread on these tires provides extra traction for cornering and climbing, making it easier to ride over obstacles.

The folding carbon steel bead allows the tire to be folded for easy storage and transportation. These tires are designed for easy installation on mountain bicycles, electric bicycles, snowmobiles, and mountain bikes, and are ideal for daily use.

In all,  size 20x4.0 / 26x4.0 is a high-performance fat bike tire suitable for various terrains and riding conditions, which can provide a better riding experience and higher safety. Specially equipped for challenging hillsides, complex mud and snow riders! HYCLINE made it for fat bike riders!



  • Package including 2 bicycle tires. Inner tube not included
  • Made of durable heavy-duty rubber.
  • Superior tire tread offers extra traction at the corner and climbing.
  • Folding carbon steel bead allows the tire to be folded without damage.
  • Designed for usual bicycles, electric bicycles, snowmobiles, and mountain bikes. The pattern increases the surface friction to prevent slipping in rainy days.
  • Hycline fat bike tires are durably constructed which makes them ideal for daily riding.


Hycline 20-26inch fat tire for fat bike


Item Hycline H8003
Material Rubber
Tire Size 20x4.0 / 26x4.0 Inch
P.S.I Max 20
TPI 30
Bead Folding carbon steel bead
Application Ebikes, snowbikes, mountain bikes, and beach trikes
Included  Package including 2 bicycle fat tires (Inner tube not included)

Hycline 20x4.0/26x4.0 ideal fat tire for any accasion

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
So far it has good traction

I got a slash on my old tires from a sharp rock and I got this as replacement. I’ve changed inner tube many times but this is my first fat tire change. It was actually not bad at all. It’s similar to changing the inner tube and the hard part was getting the tire off the bike. The tire replacement itself was easy and took less than 5 minutes. I’ve been riding down trail with these and it’s got better traction than my old tire. It could be that its new and it’s not worn down yet. Overall I’m happy with the tire. Much cheaper than the shops.

Serni Perter
Decent eBike tire

Needed a replacement 4x20 tire for my rear wheel. Old one was worn down and slipping a lot in dirt. This tire is good quality and installed easily. Tread pattern almost exactly matches my front tire and traction on dirt is a lot better now. On road traction is also good, no issues for normal street riding.

it has reinforced walls and seems to perform well in mixed surfaces at about 22-24psi. Comes folded and can be kept as a replacement tire if needed for a quick replacement on a long trip. Tire can be used for either front or rear wheel. No issues at all. I'll probably order another one to have the matching set now that I know it works with my wheel and is made well.

T Tt

Easy to install and they sound amazing with killer tread. Everywhere I go these tires respond beautifully on or off the road LOVE THESE!

Jason Whiting
Smooth quiet ride

I bought this to replace 26x4 fat tires. It was installed easily I paid attention to the rotation marker on the sidewall. I was suprised to see a high inflationn pressure. In my experience a Fat tire bike uses the lower (20PSI max) inflation as a shock absorber. I am riding a dual motor (750watt) hard tail bike. I set the inflation to 25PSI and as I ride on both dirt and road with a bike trailer 20 oz of slime was added to the inner tube. Even at 25PSI the tube seemed 'soft' it tracked and rode well. I have to say the increased layers in the tire helps with my confidence of not having issures on the road. I ride for transportation as health issues do not qual. me for a license. At this time this tire has earned a strong recommendation. I will write more over time.

Jim Mallory
Hard to find locally.

I gave two electric bicycles to a friend of mine that has 3 kids, and they destroyed the tires pretty quickly, as kid's are known to do. He told me about it reluctantly, and said that he was unable to find any tubes or other paraphernalia associated with the 26x4.0 size. I went online looking for a solid rubber tire, or some other new invention to prevent flats on these big expensive tires, and I found you.
He installed them, and so far all's good in the neighborhood. At least I haven't heard anything to tell me that they have another flat tire yet.

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What should I consider when choosing bicycle tires?

When selecting bicycle tires, consider the size, tread, width, durability, pressure, weight, and riding style. Choose a tire that fits your bike's wheels, is appropriate for the terrain you'll be riding on, is durable and puncture-resistant, can handle the recommended tire pressure, and matches your riding style.

What size bike tire do I need for my bike?

To determine the size of tire you need for your bike, you can look at the sidewall of your current wheel, which will have the tire size printed on it. The size will typically be expressed as a combination of numbers and letters, such as "700x23c" or "26x2.0". The first number refers to the diameter of the tire, which is measured in millimeters for metric sizes (e.g. 700) or inches for imperial sizes (e.g. 26). The second number refers to the width of the tire, also measured in millimeters or inches. The letter at the end indicates the type of tire (e.g. "c" for clincher)
If you're unsure about what size tires to get or have any doubts about compatibility, you can consult your bike's owner's manual or contact the manufacturer for advice.

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