ZOOM HB-875E/876E Right Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

Left front hose length of 37.4 inches (950 mm) and the right rear hose length of 72.8 inches (1850mm), Pre-filled with Hydraulic oil. The hose Length meets all major brands of bicycle frames’ size. Just a simple installation makes for the safest and most reliable braking! 
  • HB-875E (2-Piston)
  • HB-876E (4-Piston)
  • HB-875 (MTB Full Set)

How To Install ZOOM Hydraulic Brake 


Safe & Reliable

Aluminum Alloy Brake Lever

Anti-Sweat Coated Aluminum Alloy Handle
Ergonomic Handle Design
Instant Braking System

adjustable & controllable

4 Pistions Braking Caliper

Custom titanium drivers – nestled under detachable magnetic earcups – are tuned to our tightest tolerance on performance. It's done under the watchful ear of our in-house Tonmeister. The result? More lush lows, punchier mids and crisper highs. Put simply, you'll hear magical details you've never heard before.


High-performance electric bicycle & MTB braking system
  • Fast Controling

    Fast brake with 4 pistons calipers, ensuring powerful braking for every ride.
  • Safe Cut-off

    The power output is automatically cut off, ensuring quick and efficient braking.
  • Excellent Compatibility

    Fits most bikes and compatible with Shimano and Tektro brand brakes. Each part can be flexibly replaced.
  • Durable

    Made of high-quality Aluminum alloy with anti-wear paintwork guaranteed long-term use. 


Model Difference

Package Included

ModelHB-875E / HB-876E
Mounting positionLeft side
Rotor Availableø160/ø180mm
Type of ConnectorStandard 2-PIN Connector
SystemOpen System 2-Piston
MaterialForged Aluminum Lever & Bracket
160MM Rotor AdaptationFront :F-160mm/R-140mm. Rear :F-180mm/R-160mm.

180MM Rotor AdaptationFront :F-180mm/R-160mm. Rear :F-203mm/R-180mm.
Hose LengthFront: 37.4 inches Rear: 72.8 inches
MaterialForged Aluminum Lever & Bracket
PadsHigh-Performance Metal Composite Materials
FluidNon-Corrosive Mineral Oil
Handlebar diameter22 mm / 0.87 inch

HB-875E And HB-876E

ZOOM's HB-875E is a 2-piston brake, and HB-876E is a 4-piston brake. 4-piston brakes are more powerfu and effective than 2-piston brakes

4-Piston And 2-Piston Caliper

4-piston disc brakes offer greater stopping power and higher braking efficiency. This makes them suitable for situations that require more braking power, such as steep descents, high-speed riding, or carrying heavy loads. Providing better heat dissipation.

Included In The Box

  • 1×Front Lever With Caliper
  • 1×Rear Lever
  • 1×Rear Caliper
  • 4×Caliper Screws
  • 2×Rotors
  • 12×Rotor Screws
  • 1×installing tool
zoom 876E package included



    Open system 
    2/4-piston, high braking performance 
    Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance

    Forged aluminum lever&bracket
    Two pieces bracket designed
    2.5/3 fingers blade

    2-piece forged aluminum body
    Post/IS mount available
    Finish: back

    Wave design
    High heat dispersion & heat tolerance
    Diameter: 160/180mm
  • PAD

    High-performance tetal composite materials
    Easy installing

    Non-corrosive mineral oil
    Excellent heat expansion properties

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent upgrade recommended by my electric bike tech

My bicycle tech recommended changing out the stock electric brakes on my newly purchased (from Amazon) CyCrown electric bike for better/safer performance. He selected and installed the product. Indeed, this relatively inexpensive upgrade (a little under $300 for parts and labor) vastly improves the braking.

Roger Frost
Got Brakes

I purchased a dual disk for my electric bike and now I have one finger stopping power. Very fast shipping and great customer service

Bill Geiermann
I'll give this five stars

It performs the task that it's made for very well

Jay A McNeill
Good upgrade for Electric XP 3 mechanical nrakes

Only negatives were power shut off cable was a little short and lack of instructions.

Joseph Esposito
Feels Sturdy

I got these to replace my brake lever that was damaged in a crash. These will do perfectly. The caliper and brake lever feel very sturdy. The brakes work well, after a bit of adjustment. E bike motor cutoff sensor works how you expect. Mine is plugged into a Bafang BBSHD ebike controller which uses the standard 2 pin jack. So it works out of the box.All in all this is good piece of kit

If you only need Rotors

  • 140mm
  • 160mm
  • 180mm
  • 203mm
  • 1 Rotor
  • 2 Rotors
Tektro‘s rotor is matching with Zoom brakes, this package includes 1× brake disc and 6 × screws.

Applicable to 

In addition to regular mountain bikes and electric bikes, you can use ZOOM brake  for tricycles, folding bikes

asked questions

How Can I Shop At Hycline With A Lower Price?

You can click the "Get 10% off" button on the left and apply to save money for this shopping! Enter the coupon code at the checkout page to use it! Free Shipping On Orders Valued Over $25.99

Can I mix with other brands of disc brake parts?

This brake kit can be used for most bikes and Ebikes in the market. But we don not recommend to disassemble the whole brakes and mix with other brake components. Each component is engineered to work optimally with the others within the same brand or model.

What do I need to be aware of before buying this brake?

Before purchasing, please confirm whether the connector is 2-pin or 3-pin? And choose the correct model you need.——(The ZOOM brakes are all 2-PIN)
Before purchasing, please confirm whether the length of the hose meets——(Front length 800mm and rear 1400mm)
The disc brake caliper of this disc brake kit can only be installed on the left side of the wheel, not the right side of the wheel.

About after-sales service?

This product, as well as any parts, is covered by a 30-day return policy. If you have any questions (return/exchange) you can contact our customer service: service@hyclinebike.com