How to convert a bicycle into an electric bike?

How to convert a bicycle into an electric bike?

How to convert a bicycle into an electric bike

A lot of people, especially people who bought heavy mountain bikes. Due to the heavy body of mountain bikes, the fat bike tires make riding very strenuous. So hope to modify the mountain bike to achieve the purpose of saving effort during riding. In this way, the mountain bike becomes an assist e-bike. It can be pedaled or powered by electricity. That's a nice idea!

If you are a person who likes DIY very much, and has creativity and hands-on ability, then this article will be very useful.

Can a bicycle be converted into an electric bike?

Can a bicycle be converted into an electric bike?

It is possible to convert a bicycle to an electric vehicle! If you have the ability to do it yourself or the money to do it yourself, you can do it! It's just a matter of adding a battery drive system. Just time, cost and safety need to be considered clearly.

It is important to note that converting a bicycle to an electric vehicle requires electrician skills and knowledge, so if you are not familiar with the electrical and mechanical aspects, it is recommended that you have a professional perform the conversion. In addition, in some areas, converting a bicycle to an electric vehicle may require compliance with relevant laws and regulations, so please understand the relevant regulations first.

If you have these skills, then let's get started!


Handmade Bike - Can a bicycle be converted into an electric bike?

The general steps for converting a bicycle to an electric bike:

1. Buy an e-bike conversion kit: Choose an e-bike conversion kit that fits your bike model and size, usually including an electric motor, a battery pack, a controller and other necessary parts.
2. Prepare tools and materials: You need to prepare some tools and materials, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, cables, insulation tape, etc.
3. Install the motor: Install the motor to the rear or front wheel of the bike, according to the instructions of the conversion kit.
4. Install the battery pack: Mount the battery pack on the frame of the bike, or choose another location for installation according to the conversion kit's instructions.
5. Connect the circuit: Connect the motor, battery pack and controller, according to the conversion kit's instructions.
6. Debug and test: Debug and test according to the instructions of the conversion kit to make sure all the parts of the e-bike are working properly.


    How to install gears on the front wheel of the bicycle to electric bike?

    1. Firstly, check whether the tolerances of the workpiece mounting surface and the bearing surface are in accordance with the design standard, taking the guide rail as the reference and using a micrometer to test.Make sure your tires have enough room for gearing, fat bike tire such as size 20 x 4.0 / 26 x 4.0 inches with sufficient load bearing capacity!
    2. Secondly, confirm whether the residual magnetism of the rack, if there is magnetism, demagnetization treatment should be carried out.
    3. After adjusting the rack gap, and then lock with fifty percent of the locking force, to adjust the rack splicing gap.

     Electric bicycle modification accessories - Hyclinebike

    Folding bicycle can be changed into an electric bike?

    Folding bicycle to electric bike could be very troublesome, and it need to do a lot of changes, to add the battery box, motor, controller, handlebar, etc., modified down plus the cost is not as suitable as buying a new electric car.


    How to modify a bicycle to run faster like e-bike?

    The premise of modification is that your bike has the corresponding accessories that can be provided to it for modification.

    1. Reduce the rolling resistance of the bicycle. You can replace the tire with a narrower tire width and a wetter bearing hub. Hycline's series of fat tires can become your reliable replacement tires.
    1. Reduce the weight of the bike. So that it can have more acceleration under the same external force. It requires less energy for the same distance and height. Change all accessories that can be lighter, including lighter tires, wheelsets, screws, saddles, and even frames. Use lighter materials, such as steel for aluminum, or carbon fiber. Remove all unnecessary accessories, such as fenders, chain guards, lights, foot braces, handlebars, spokes reflectors, racks, frame bags, tail bags, etc.
    1. Replace or choose a larger cassette/flywheel gear ratio. With the same pedaling frequency, you can have faster speed. But only if you are strong enough.Change the larger disc, as well as have a small gears of smaller flywheel teeth.
    1. Add external power device. Seek external power support. Add battery and electric motor to turn it into an electric bike.

     Electric bicycle conversion tires

    We provide you with a general direction and ideas, specific how to modify can click this video address


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