Shimano Or Zoom? Buy Best Bicycle Braking System

Shimano Or Zoom? Buy Best Bicycle Braking System

When choosing the right brake system for your bike, the market offers a plethora of options. Two prominent brands that often come up in discussions are Shimano and Zoom. Both brands have their strengths and cater to different segments of the cycling community. In the mind of Hycline editor, I will delve into a comprehensive comparison of Shimano and Zoom bike brake systems, considering factors such as performance, quality, and value for money.


Shimano has long been regarded as a leader in the bicycle components industry, and their brake systems are no exception. Shimano brakes are known for their exceptional performance, offering smooth and reliable stopping power. The brand's higher-end models, such as the Shimano XTR and Dura-Ace series, deliver outstanding modulation and control, allowing riders to confidently navigate any terrain. Shimano brakes also excel in heat dissipation, ensuring consistent performance even during prolonged use.

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While Zoom braking systems may not match the same level of performance as Shimano's high-end offerings, they still provide decent stopping power at a more affordable price point. Zoom bicycle brakes are often found on entry-level and mid-range bikes, making them a suitable choice for casual riders or those on a budget. While they may not offer the same refined modulation as Shimano brakes, Zoom systems generally provide reliable braking performance for everyday riding.

Quality and Durability:

Shimano has built a reputation for producing high-quality bicycle components, and their brake systems are no exception. Known for their attention to detail and meticulous engineering, Shimano brakes are built to last. The brand utilizes durable materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure longevity and reliability. Shimano's commitment to quality is evident in their extensive product testing, resulting in components that can withstand the demands of rigorous cycling.

Zoom, on the other hand, is often considered a more budget-friendly option. While their brake systems may not possess the same level of refinement as Shimano's offerings, Zoom still produces components that meet basic quality standards. However, it is important to note that Zoom's focus on affordability sometimes results in compromises in terms of materials and construction. While Zoom brakes can provide satisfactory performance for occasional riders, they may not hold up as well under intense or demanding riding conditions.

Value for Money:

The value for money aspect is where the comparison between Shimano and Zoom becomes interesting. Shimano's higher-end brake systems come with a higher price tag, reflecting their top-tier performance and quality. If you are a dedicated cyclist seeking optimal performance and are willing to invest in the best components, Shimano brakes offer excellent value for the price. The reliability, durability, and advanced features of Shimano systems make them a worthwhile investment for serious riders.

On the other hand, Zoom brakes provide a more budget-friendly option without compromising basic functionality. For casual riders or those who prioritize cost-effectiveness, Zoom offers a viable solution. Their brake systems may not deliver the same level of performance and durability as Shimano's higher-end models, but they still serve their purpose and represent good value for riders on a limited budget.

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In the Shimano vs. Zoom debate, the ultimate choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. Shimano's brake systems stand out for their superior performance, impeccable quality, and long-lasting durability. They are the go-to choice for serious riders who demand the best braking experience. On the other hand, Zoom offers more affordable options that deliver satisfactory performance for casual riders or those seeking a budget-friendly solution.

When considering your options, it is essential to assess your riding style, frequency, and the terrain you typically encounter. If you are a competitive cyclist or frequently tackle challenging routes, investing in Shimano brakes can significantly enhance your riding experience and safety. However, if you are a recreational rider or on a tight budget, Zoom brakes can still provide adequate stopping power without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, the decision between Shimano and Zoom brake systems rests on finding the right balance between performance, quality, and value for money. Both brands continue to innovate and improve their products, so researching specific models, reading reviews, and seeking expert advice can help you make an informed decision. Remember, the goal is to find the brake system that suits your individual needs and enhances your overall cycling enjoyment.

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Hycline has been a cultivator in the bicycle accessories industry for many years. You may overlook these points following, so I wanna share with you! 

Customizability and Compatibility: Shimano offers a wide range of brake system options, allowing riders to choose from various models, styles, and configurations. This flexibility makes it easier to find a brake system that matches your specific bike setup and riding preferences. Zoom, while offering some customization options, may have more limited choices, particularly in terms of compatibility with different bike models.

Servicing and Availability of Parts: Shimano's popularity and widespread use in the cycling community mean that finding spare parts, components, and servicing options for their braking systems is relatively easy. Many bike shops and mechanics are familiar with Shimano products, making repairs and maintenance hassle-free. Zoom, being a less prominent brand, may have more limited availability of spare parts and might require more effort to find suitable servicing options.

Weight Considerations: For riders who prioritize lightweight components, Shimano braking systems often offer lighter options in their high-end range. The use of advanced materials and optimized designs allows Shimano to produce brakes that are both durable and lightweight. While Zoom brake parts can still provide decent performance, they may not match the weight-saving advantages of Shimano's more premium offerings.

Reputation and Brand Trust: Shimano has built a strong reputation over decades of producing reliable and high-performance bicycle components. Their commitment to research, development, and continuous improvement has earned them the trust of cyclists worldwide. On the other hand, Zoom, being a comparatively newer player in the market, may not have the same level of brand recognition or reputation. This might be a factor to consider for riders who value the reliability and assurance that comes with established brands.

Disciplinary Specificity: Depending on the type of cycling discipline you engage in, one brand may be more prevalent or recommended than the other. For example, if you are into mountain biking or cyclocross, where the demands on braking performance are higher, Shimano's extensive range of high-end braking systems designed for such disciplines might be more suitable. However, for casual urban riders or those focusing on commuting, Zoom brake systems can still provide adequate stopping power.


It's important to note that individual experiences and preferences can vary, and some riders may have had positive experiences with Zoom brakes while others may swear by Shimano. Ultimately, it's recommended to consider your specific needs, budget, and the intended use of your bike when making a decision. Testing out different brake systems whenever possible and seeking advice from experienced riders or bike experts can also help inform your choice.


Which brake parts should I choose?

When comparing Shimano and Zoom bike brake systems, we have to mention the Zoom Xtech HB-100 Bike Brake Caliper Set. This brake system is the most young and energetic braking caliper in the Zoom brand, known for its reliable performance and excellent braking effect. While Zoom may have a gap with Shimano in terms of name recognition and reputation, the HB-100 is an impressive choice, especially for riders looking for reliability and value for money.



Shimano's higher-end brake components, such as those from the Shimano XTR or Dura-Ace series, often come with a higher price tag due to their advanced features, exceptional performance, and superior craftsmanship. On the other hand, Shimano's entry-level brake components, while still delivering reliable performance, are usually more affordable.



The Zoom Xtech HB-100 brake caliper front and rear brake caliper set provides reliable and powerful stopping power to keep you safe on every ride. It features advanced braking technology and high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and durability. The HB-100's caliper design provides excellent brake modulation and responsiveness, allowing you to easily control the bike in any terrain and riding condition.

Zoom HB-100 braking caliper

The set is also very easy to install and fits most bike types. It includes all necessary parts and detailed installation instructions, allowing you to easily integrate it with your existing brake system. What's more, the HB-100 set also has excellent compatibility, so you don't have to worry about mismatching with your bike accessories.

Whether you are after high performance or looking for a more cost-effective brake system, the Zoom Xtech HB-100 can meet your needs. It not only provides reliable braking performance, but also has the ability to adapt to different riding conditions. Plus, the HB-100 kit is relatively affordable, allowing you to upgrade your bike on a reasonable budget.

All in all, the Zoom Xtech HB-100 Bike Brake Caliper Set is an option to keep an eye on. It offers reliable braking performance, easy installation, and an affordable price for greater control and safety on your ride. Whether your daily commute or thrill-seeking mountain biking, the HB-100 is a practical and reliable braking system choice.


Tektro Full Brakes Set(front and rear set)

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If you want to choose the right brakes for your E-bike. I highly recommend Tektro's HD E350. This is a complete brake system, including front and rear brakes and rotors. Installation is very easy!

High-performance metal-ceramic composites and low noise resin pad for the brakes. With the following advantages, it is very suitable for the power-off braking system of electric bikes and scooters

  • Left front hose length of 900mm and right rear hose length of 1850mm, filled with Hydraulic oil
  • Electrical sensing control system with 2-pin interface, automatically cut power when braking
  • Lightweight polygonal guide design with a diameter of 180mm and thickness of 1.8mm for the rotor, weighing 150g each.
  • 2 piston aluminum caliper - The rear caliper hose and lever are separate to facilitate the internal routing arrangement

Hycline Tektro brake HD E350 braking system parts


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