The 8 things must be known in winter cycling

The 8 things must be known in winter cycling
1. Bicycle safety inspection

Before riding, you must check the tires, transmission, brakes and moving parts.

 2. Warm up before riding

When riding in winter, warming up is essential. The lower the temperature, the longer the warm-up distance needs to be. It is best to ride slowly until you feel that your whole body is sweating and your feet are hot. After a period of warm-up, you can also perceive the grip conditions of the road surface and tires, so as to determine the intensity of riding.

Do a good job of warming up before riding. It is best to do stretching. On the one hand, the whole body can be warmed up, and on the other hand, it can avoid straining.


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3. Bring a pot of hot water

Cycling in winter does not feel like sweating a lot, but in reality there will still be a lot of water loss, so it is also necessary to properly replenish water.

Carry a thermos and bring enough hot water. The hot water can moderately restore the body temperature at the coldest time, warming the heart and body. This reduces post-exercise fatigue and aids in recovery.


 4. The tire pressure should not be too high in cold weather

The weather is cold and the tire pressure should not be too high. The weather is cold and the rubber is hardened. At this time,if the tire pressure is too high, the tire is likely to blow out. In addition, the lower the temperature, the smaller the friction between the ground and the tire. At this time, the tire pressure is too high and it is easy to skid and fall.


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5. Proper riding gear

The three parts of the body that are most likely to be frozen: ears, hands, and feet. Those who ride often have a deep understanding, so riding in winter must be equipped with suitable riding equipment. Cycling clothes, cycling gloves, shoes, and cycling glasses are all important. After riding, scald your feet with hot water to promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue.


 6. Wear quick-drying underwear to prevent colds

When the temperature is low, the human body consumes a lot of heat, so the three principles of windproof, breathable and warm should be considered first in clothing. No matter what the temperature is, wearing quick-drying underwear is a must, so that you can keep your ride dry and avoid catching a cold.

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7. Pay attention to the road

When riding in snow, you must be very careful. Dry snow is the least slippery, but it also affects the speed the most, so it is best to choose wet snow. Moreover, wet snow is generally dirtier and less slippery. As for ice surfaces, try to avoid passing by. In addition, pay attention to two kinds of road surfaces, one is compacted snow, which looks white, but it will reflect light if you look closely. Although this kind of road surface is not very slippery, it is also relatively slippery, so be careful.

The other is the "ditch" on the road, some of which are made by others, some are left by snow plowing, some are caused by road markings such as white lane markings (snow on lanes melts quickly), Do not go into these ditches, because you will slip and fall if you are not careful when you come out. Once inside, it is safer to slow down first, and then find an opportunity to turn sharply and come out.

In addition, the snow on the iron manhole cover also melts faster, but it will freeze into ice in the early morning or at night, so be careful when passing by.

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8. Braking and turning

Because the road surface is relatively slippery, you can't brake suddenly, otherwise it will become a sled. You should use the brakes slowly and lightly, or decelerate naturally without using the brakes. It is best to use a relatively low speed when turning, because the faster the speed, the easier it is to slip. Try to avoid sharp turns, and keep your center of gravity perpendicular to the ground through the axis of the vehicle. The larger the turning radius within the range permitted by the road, the safer it is.

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