Hycline Raider MTB Fat Bike Tire 20×4.0/26×4.0

  • 20"×4"
  • 26"×4"
  • 20 PSI
  • 30 TPI
  • 60 TPI
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Model: Raider 8003
Size(in.): 20×4.0 / 26×4.0
ETRTO: 102-406 / 100-559
Tire Type: Clincher
Weight( kg. ): 1.08 / 1.26
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The Hycline Fat Bike Tires are designed for electric, snow, and mountain bikes. With an aggressive tread pattern and comprehensive tire volume, these tires provide a balance of grip and rolling resistance for a smooth ride on a variety of terrains.

20×4.0 / 26×4.0 inches fat tire is a specific tire designed for trail riding. The aggressive tread pattern has greater traction, handles sharp turns on both pavement and loose dirt. Wide tire volume brings better control and less drag, providing the ride with a balance of grip and rolling resistance. Premium rubber material with excellent puncture resistance, suitable for riding on beach, snow, rough terrain and street.

At HYCLINE, we offer a wide selection of fat tires in different sizes and styles to suit your needs. Our fat tires are made from premium rubber and are designed to provide superior performance and durability, so you can ride with confidence no matter where your adventures take you. Whether you're a casual rider or a serious cyclist, our fat tires are a great choice for any bike enthusiast. Order yours today and enjoy the thrill of fat biking!



Tread Type: Flat Holes

Tire Size: 20 / 26 x4.0 inch

ETRTO: 100-559 / 102-406 mm

T.P.I: 30 / 60TPI

Max Inflate To: 20 P.S.I 

Maximum load: 266.6 lbs (120 kg)



  • Made of premium rubber for excellent puncture resistance. These tires are suitable for use on beaches, snow, rough terrain, and streets.
  • The tight convex knobs on the tread pattern offer superior traction and grip, and the anti-puncture technology ensures durability.
  • The folding carbon steel bead allows for easy installation and removal.
  • Tire size is 20 x 4.0 / 26 x 4.0, matching most bicycle wheels on the market

Fat Tires 20/26x4.0 Bike Tire, Electric Bicycle Mountain Bike Wire Tires Folding Dual Wide Mountain Snow Bike Accessory

Note: this package includes one tire only, and does not include wheel rims. It can be used on both the front and rear wheels.



Convex Knobs Fat Tires 20" x 4" - Hycline Rhombus Plus - Puncture-Resistant Fat Tire 26”x4“ - Hycline   Hycline Fat Bike Tires are designed for electric, snow, and mountain bikes
20x4.0 26x4.0 20 / 26x4.0 20 / 26x4.0
40 P.S.I 40 P.S.I 30 P.S.I 20 P.S.I



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joe Allison

Hycline Fat Bike Tires 20×4.0/26×4.0

Terry Shelton
Love the new pattern

I installed this tire on my mountain bike and it fits perfectly. Tread pattern almost exactly matches my front tire and traction on dirt is a lot better now. I'll probably order another one.

Faith fish
Fat tires are good

Company got it right

Stacy Rect
love the fat tires because...

I bought these fat tires for my electric bike. I've been getting a lot of use out of it and I didn't really like the tires that it came eith. These are so much nicer ! They're available in a 20inch size and a 26inch size.

The tire is made of a Premium rubber material with a Tight convex knobs tread pattern. They have really good traction and grip and are very durable with Anti-puncture technology. They can be inflated to a max of 20 PSI. They work for bicycles, electric bicycles, snowmobiles and mountain bikes.

Overall, this is an awesome quality tire and I'm sure they'll keep me rolling for a while !

Kwame Eason

In stock and shipped right away. Received it in like 3 days!!

hope you enjoy our products

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What should I consider when choosing bicycle tires?

When selecting bicycle tires, consider the size, tread, width, durability, pressure, weight, and riding style. Choose a tire that fits your bike's wheels, is appropriate for the terrain you'll be riding on, is durable and puncture-resistant, can handle the recommended tire pressure, and matches your riding style.

What size bike tire do I need for my bike?

To determine the size of tire you need for your bike, you can look at the sidewall of your current wheel, which will have the tire size printed on it. The size will typically be expressed as a combination of numbers and letters, such as "700x23c" or "26x2.0". The first number refers to the diameter of the tire, which is measured in millimeters for metric sizes (e.g. 700) or inches for imperial sizes (e.g. 26). The second number refers to the width of the tire, also measured in millimeters or inches. The letter at the end indicates the type of tire (e.g. "c" for clincher)
If you're unsure about what size tires to get or have any doubts about compatibility, you can consult your bike's owner's manual or contact the manufacturer for advice.

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