Code: Bones - All Terrain Fat Tire 20” x 4.0“

  • 20”×4"
  • 40 PSI
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Model: Code: Bones 905
Size(in.): 20×4.0
ETRTO: 102-406
Tire Type: Clincher
Weight( kg. ): 2.23
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Hycline 20" / 26" high-volume off-Road fat mountain bike tire and E-bike tire

Hycline's Code: Bones is an all-terrain fat bike tire designed for balancing off-road challenges and city roads. With its "Bones" tread pattern, this tire excels in off-road performance, providing exceptional puncture resistance and grip to conquer rocky terrain, sandy deserts, and snowy landscapes. In urban settings, the extended side tread ensures safety during turns. It offers nimble handling for a smooth ride through city streets.  

Symmetrical dual center tread design improves braking stability and enhances cornering traction with increased lateral bite edges. The wide, sloping, blocky knob tread pattern cuts through loose, rocky terrain while maintaining low rolling resistance. These tires feature high-quality rubber and puncture-resistant technology, and they allow for greater load-carrying capacity and durability. The single tire can withstand up to 266 lbs and has a driving range of up to 2000 miles.

Whether you're commuting in the city or riding off-road, the Hycline fat tires provide e-bike and trike riders with maximum all-weather performance. 

Hycline E-Bike knobs fat tire 20/26x4.0 Inch Folding Electric Puncture Resistant Fat Tires



Tread Type: Knobby Convex

Tire Size: 20x4.0 inch

ETRTO: 102-406 mm

T.P.I: 30TPI

Max Inflate To: 40 P.S.I 

Maximum load: 266.6 lbs (120 kg)

 Hycline well-balance ALL TERRAIN FAT BIKE TIRE 20” X 4.0“

Tire Features:

  • Excellent traction in dry or wet conditions
  • Blocky side knobs provide a corner grip
  • Minimal drag on hardpack or paved terrain
  • High-density rubber with strong puncture resistance
  • Folding carbon steel bead is easy to fold and carry

Note: The tire is in a folded state. After disassembly, the steel ring should be placed in a flat state before installation. Please check the details and dimensions carefully before purchasing.



High guard puncture-resistant 20 "x4" studded knobs tread fat bike tire for challenging terrains, conquering rocks, mud, and snow. Maximum load 266.6 lbs Rhombus Plus - Puncture-Resistant Fat Tire 26”x4“ - Hycline Hycline E-Bike Fat Tire - 20/24/26×4.0 Inch  Best Fat Bike Tire 20/26x4.0 - Hycline - Hycline
20x4.0 26x4.0 20 / 26x4.0 20 / 26x4.0
40 P.S.I 40 P.S.I 30 P.S.I 30 P.S.I

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Bought this and it came really fast and they seem to be good quality

Rugged off-road ebike tire

PRO- Very thick rubber protects against blow-outs and punctures. Has a nice birt-bike off-road asthetic.CON- A little more pricey than others in it's category. The thick tread will slightly decrease your speed so there is a tradeoff with off-roading capabilities.

Big Beefy Tire!

Big Beefy Tire. Weighs over 5 lbs compared to a fresh Kenda Krusade 20" x 4" that weighed 2.7. Large thick lugs should help protect flats from road debris. Mounted without issue and seems to roll true. The test will be its wear resistance over time. Value is a bit of a wild card as it is as expensive as name brand tires but judging by its weight, has the possibility of being more durable. My son tends to go through tires and brake pads on his e-bike like a hot knife through butter so I'm crossing my fingers that this will last longer. I'm going to give it 5 stars based mostly on how substantial it is. Fingers crossed this helps and will try to update with some longer term updates.

Michael Santos
Decent Replacement tire

The tire fits as it should but the quality is decent at best. It does feel of lower quality than most other tires I've bought in the past, but I have already put about 200 miles on the tire so far on my E-Bike and it's holding up.

Lu Carior
Riding Smoothly Into the Warm Season

My old electric bike's tire was not doing so great, with the tread becoming blurry, making the ride both uncomfortable and unsafe. With the weather warming up, I wanted to get out more and enjoy the spring on my bike.This tire is sturdy, which is important for someone like me who likes to venture on various terrains. The anti-slip performance is crucial for safe riding, especially on wet and slippery roads. The tread design is sharp, providing great traction. Also, I was a bit worried about the installation being tricky, but it turned out to be surprisingly simple, and I got it done quickly on my own.

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What should I consider when choosing bicycle tires?

When selecting bicycle tires, consider the size, tread, width, durability, pressure, weight, and riding style. Choose a tire that fits your bike's wheels, is appropriate for the terrain you'll be riding on, is durable and puncture-resistant, can handle the recommended tire pressure, and matches your riding style.

What size bike tire do I need for my bike?

To determine the size of tire you need for your bike, you can look at the sidewall of your current wheel, which will have the tire size printed on it. The size will typically be expressed as a combination of numbers and letters, such as "700x23c" or "26x2.0". The first number refers to the diameter of the tire, which is measured in millimeters for metric sizes (e.g. 700) or inches for imperial sizes (e.g. 26). The second number refers to the width of the tire, also measured in millimeters or inches. The letter at the end indicates the type of tire (e.g. "c" for clincher)
If you're unsure about what size tires to get or have any doubts about compatibility, you can consult your bike's owner's manual or contact the manufacturer for advice.

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