Mountain Bike Fat Tire Plus Tube 20“/26”x4.0“

  • 20"×4"
  • 26"×4"
  • 30 PSI
  • 60 TPI

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Hycline Kevlar Fat Bike Tire 20x4.0 / 26x4.0 inch
Can be used with a wide range of electric mountain bikes that have 20 or 26-inch bicycle wheels. Take your off-road adventures to the next level with the MTB/Electric Bicycle's Fat Tire. Designed for rough terrains, this tire is perfect for thrill-seekers who love outdoor exploration. Its wide 4.0-inch size provides excellent grip and stability on all kinds of surfaces, including sand and mud. Built to last, this tire is tough and can handle even the toughest conditions. 
Studded convex knobs tread provides it with strong grip on all kinds of roads. With their exceptional traction, durability, and compatibility, they are sure to provide a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain.


  • Package including 1 bicycle tires, 1 Inner tube and 1 tire lever
  • Made of durable heavy-duty rubber.
  • Superior tire tread offers extra traction at the corner and climbing.
  • Folding carbon steel bead allows the tire to be folded without damage.
  • Designed for usual bicycles, electric bicycles, snowmobiles, and mountain bikes. The pattern increases the surface friction to prevent slipping in rainy days.
  • Hycline fat bike tires are durably constructed which makes them ideal for daily and mountain terrain rides.


Hycline 20-26inch fat tire for fat bike

    Hycline fat tire 20*4.0 inch knobby folding tire


    Hycline fat tire is a specific bike tire designed for trail riding. Aggressive tread pattern has greater traction, handles sharp turns on both pavement and loose dirt .Wide tire volume brings better control and less drag, providing the ride with a balance of grip and rolling resistance.Premium rubber material with excellent puncture resistance, suitable for riding on beaches, snow, rough terrain and street.



    • Premium rubber material
    • Tight convex knobs tread pattern
    • Super traction and grip
    • Good rolling properties
    • Anti-puncture technology
    • Folding Carbon Steel bead


    Size 20/26x4.0 inch
    Inflate To 30 PSI
    TPI 60 TPI
    Color Black
    Tube Size 20/26 inch
    Type Schrader valve

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    As good as the original

    I got this for my e-bike. It��s as good as the original equipment.

    Matt & Tracey
    Better than what came off my bike!

    I hope I never have to change out my tube or tire on the side of the road, but if I do I am glad I have this replacement! This is a great oversized, fat bike tire along with a tube that will fit my electric bike perfectly. The quality is substantial and it's equivalent to the OEM tire that came on my bike. I like the tread because it is very aggressive and has enough grip to handle rocks, snow, mud, and the road. This tire comes folded which makes it a little more difficult to get it on the rim, but once it's on the rim and inflated then it's fine. This tube is made very well, it is much thicker than the ones that are on my bike right now. I have never been in to patching a tire/tube, so I am glad that these are made super heavy duty. I highly recommend!

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    What should I consider when choosing bicycle tires?

    When selecting bicycle tires, consider the size, tread, width, durability, pressure, weight, and riding style. Choose a tire that fits your bike's wheels, is appropriate for the terrain you'll be riding on, is durable and puncture-resistant, can handle the recommended tire pressure, and matches your riding style.

    What size bike tire do I need for my bike?

    To determine the size of tire you need for your bike, you can look at the sidewall of your current wheel, which will have the tire size printed on it. The size will typically be expressed as a combination of numbers and letters, such as "700x23c" or "26x2.0". The first number refers to the diameter of the tire, which is measured in millimeters for metric sizes (e.g. 700) or inches for imperial sizes (e.g. 26). The second number refers to the width of the tire, also measured in millimeters or inches. The letter at the end indicates the type of tire (e.g. "c" for clincher)
    If you're unsure about what size tires to get or have any doubts about compatibility, you can consult your bike's owner's manual or contact the manufacturer for advice.

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