Tektro Bike Disc Brake Rotor 140/160/180/203mm

  • 140mm
  • 160mm
  • 180mm
  • 203mm
  • 1 Rotor
  • 2 Rotors

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Tektro 140/160/180/203 mm Bike Disc Brake Rotor with 6 Bolts Silver

Whether you're hitting the trails or cruising through the city, upgrade your bike's braking performance with Tektro's high-quality disc brake rotor, and make your rides more enjoyable.



  • Stainless steel material
  • Standard 6-bolt IS mount
  • Light weight Round type designed
  • High heat dispersion & heat tolerance
  • Compatible with a wide range of bikes and brake systems


tektro rotor show
Tektro 180mm Rotor Show


Rotor Dimension 140mm/160mm/180mm/203mm
Center Distance 44mm
Thickness 1.8mm
Material Stainless steel
Available Colors Stainless
Hub/Disc Compatibility 6-Bolt Disc
Rotor Type one-piece
Weight-160 mm rotor 3.38 oz
Weight-160 mm rotor 7.16 oz
Weight-180 mm rotor 8.3 oz
Weight-180 mm rotor 10.97 oz
Bike Disc Brake Rotor

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tuam Lis
Great for bike to ebike conversion

I recently converted my bike to an ebike and needed a kit that would work for disc brakes while being hydraulic and this kit was just everything I needed. The brakes are 10x better feel that my old mechanical brakes and works with my Bafang kit without issue. The really nice feature is the added accessories if you need to shorten the brake lines it has additional components to make work again. With a good bleeding it provide great stopping power and firm feel.

Hugo Alberto
Solid for the price

I needed a plug and play solution for broken brakes on my wife's Rad. This was perfect solution. The brakes installed perfectly, pads have great shopping power, quiet and overall great build quality. There is no way I could have repaired her old brakes for same money and I would have so had old brakes. I would absolutely use these for serious mtb. They are up to the task. The only issue I see is the short cable for rear. Enclosed pics are showing them installed on a small, 20" frame. The cable is perfect but not long enough for a large frame. These are definitely worth the upgrade over mechanical brakes and definitely get the rotors too. Hardware is good quality as well. If anything of note develops once they’re bled and out on the trails, I’ll be sure to update this review.

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