Tektro HD-E350 Electric Bike Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

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  • Left-Front & Right-Rear 180mm
  • Left-Front & Right-Rear 160mm

High-performance metal-ceramic composites and low noise resin pad for the brakes

  • Left front hose length of 900mm and right rear hose length of 1850mm, filled with Hydraulic oil

  • Electrical sensing control system with 2-pin interface, automatically cut power when braking

  • Lightweight polygonal guide design with a diameter of 180mm and thickness of 1.8mm for the rotor, weighing 150g each.

  • 2 piston aluminum caliper - The rear caliper hose and lever are separate to facilitate the internal routing arrangement

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Tektro HD-E350 Electric Bike Hydraulic Disc Brake Set

Safety-Focused Brakes

Electric bikes require fast and reliable brakes to ensure safety on often challenging terrain. Disc braking system used for vehicle

They provide strong stopping power and are less affected by wet weather and muddy conditions.

Fork Shock Absorber

Compared to traditional single-piston brake calipers, the dual-piston design applies pressure evenly, allowing the brake pads to fit the discs more tightly, resulting in faster and more efficient braking. 

This design is suitable for situations that require higher braking requirements, such as high-speed downhill, steep mountain roads or situations that require frequent braking. The use of dual piston brake calipers provides safer and more reliable braking performance, allowing the rider to stop more quickly when needed, increasing ride control and safety.


Saddle Mountain bikes

Its function is to generate resistance by friction with the brake disc (or brake rim), thereby slowing down or stopping the movement of the bicycle. The resistance generated by the friction between the pad and the brake disc can be transmitted to the brake system through the brake lever or pedal to slow down or stop the bicycle.

Tektro's brake pads are made of ceramic. It has better heat resistance and wear resistance, making the discs braking efficiency higher


Non-Slip Tires

The brake disc slows down or stops the bicycle by making contact with the brake pads (brake pads), creating friction when braking force is applied, and converting the kinetic energy of the wheel into heat energy. Therefore, proper thermal performance is critical. 
The reasonable hole distribution of Tektro HD-E350 greatly improves the friction resistance and heat dissipation performance

If you only need rotor

Precision Manufactured Components


Ergonomic Brake Handle

Experience comfort and control with our ergonomic brake handle design, providing a seamless and responsive braking experience for your rides.

Hydraulic Caliper

Aluminum 2-Piston Closed Front & Rear Caliper - Equipped with a double valve. Ensure precise modulation of braking force, giving you better control and responsiveness during your rides.

Brake Pads

The matching brake pads have high temperature resistance and friction performance. Reduce the number of replacements while keeping excellent braking




Tektro HD-E350 Electric Bike Hydraulic Disc Brake Set
Rotor1.8mm thickness
LeverCast aluminum lever & bracket Reach adjustment Two-pieces clamp 3 finger blade Finish : Black
CaliperForged aluminum body Easy pads replacement Finish : Black
PadsLow noise resin pad Easy replacement
WeightFront Wheel - 302 Grams / Rear Wheel - 322 Grams (Exclude rotor, adapter & mounting bolts)

Tips before buying

1. The Tektro HD-E350‘s connector is 2-PIN. Before purchasing, please confirm whether the connector is 2-pin or 3-pin. 
2. The disc brake caliper of this disc brake kit can only be installed on the left side of the wheel, not the right side.
3. Adding~

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Tektro Bike Disc Brake Rotor 140/160/180/203mm

  • This package includes 1 × tektro plate and 6 × screws

  • Made of stainless Steel, high heat dispersion and heat tolerance.

  • The wide braking surface maximizes brake compatibility.

  • Use for mountain/road bicycles and E-bikes.

  • 140mm
  • 160mm
  • 180mm
  • 203mm
  • 1 Rotor
  • 2 Rotors

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tuam Lis
Great for bike to ebike conversion

I recently converted my bike to an ebike and needed a kit that would work for disc brakes while being hydraulic and this kit was just everything I needed. The brakes are 10x better feel that my old mechanical brakes and works with my Bafang kit without issue. The really nice feature is the added accessories if you need to shorten the brake lines it has additional components to make work again. With a good bleeding it provide great stopping power and firm feel.

Hugo Alberto
Solid for the price

I needed a plug and play solution for broken brakes on my wife's Rad. This was perfect solution. The brakes installed perfectly, pads have great shopping power, quiet and overall great build quality. There is no way I could have repaired her old brakes for same money and I would have so had old brakes. I would absolutely use these for serious mtb. They are up to the task. The only issue I see is the short cable for rear. Enclosed pics are showing them installed on a small, 20" frame. The cable is perfect but not long enough for a large frame. These are definitely worth the upgrade over mechanical brakes and definitely get the rotors too. Hardware is good quality as well. If anything of note develops once they’re bled and out on the trails, I’ll be sure to update this review.

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